Wednesday 3 April 2013

Oh my goodness whats going on?
I have my dad in hospital,he's had a stroke, my son had to go on a drip in hospital because of dehydration, due to this bug going around, and my grandaughter had to visit the hospital she has a urine infection and I've had to visit the hospital for 2 days running to have a heart monitor fitted and removed, something good must happen soon........ but I'm not holding my breath.......


  1. o dear.......... hope everyone improves soon

  2. Just found and read about your Dad and grandaughter, hope everyone is well now. Give our love to Uncle Norman.
    Love your cards, I make cards too and am crafting like a fiend, must be in our genes. Did you know our Great Aunt Lily was a miliner and dressmaker and was a dresser for Lillian Gish. Take care all, Brenda xx