Saturday 19 December 2009

Good news

We heard last night that Cobie's little friend Toby is making promising progress he's a little fighter, they've reduced his oxygen and just need time now for his kidneys to recover.
Cobie and his little sister Lillie stayed over at ours last night while mum and dad went out on a christmas do, think the early night has done me good. Cobie is very quiet and withdrawn this morning, I'll be glad when this round of intensive treatment is complete..............

Thursday 17 December 2009

Gosh has it really been so long

since I last updated..... Cobie is doing really well at the moment, he's back onto his intensive chemo and doing suprisingly well, he still has regular blood tests and yesterday the hospital called him back in after his test on tuesday they found what they thought was a virus actually in the blood which they said was very rare, today we got the call that it must have been a contaminated sample and everything was ok. We also heard also about his little friend in the hospital Toby Booth from Lincoln who has spent most of his 5 years of life in hospital, he has got sceptacaemia and is in a critical condition in intensive care, we pray for him and his family for his full recovery and hope a cure can be found quickly and he can live a normal life as any little child should be able to.
Forgot to mention he's also got himself a wife..... Sophia Amber Moore..... she's a little older than him (5) and already working, she plays Sarah Sugden in Emmerdale, they are truly in love and she keeps him well supplied in jelly beans - what more could he want lol....

Monday 1 June 2009

Fantastic news today the hospital rang to say that the last bone marrow scan results were back, and no detectable leukaemia cells could be found, Cobie is now classed as low risk of the illness ever coming back~ we are ecstatic. Cobie has now started to crawl about so its only a matter of time now till he starts to walk again.

Thursday 21 May 2009

We got fantastic news today, Cobie went for another bone marrow scan, and they say he's now in remission, we are all over the moon. Next week he'll come off the steroids too and hopefully he'll start to return to the Cobie we knew before, at the moment he's very demanding, wanting food all the time, Steph said she was up 7 times the other night with him. Garry was a bit put out too he could'nt understand why his little man did'nt want anything to do with him, he just kept telling him to "go away granddad" We've been invited to Gill and Allens for a bbq on saturday, so Rob and Steph are taking Cobie & Lillie, then taking Cobie home after about an hour, and we'll bring Lillie home to sleep at ours for the night, give them a bit of a rest, we have thought of asking to have Cobie overnight too, but our worry is if he starts asking for mummy in the night, he'll gets too upset????

Saturday 16 May 2009

The time has come that I was dreading, Cobie's hair has started to fall out!! thought I was prepared for seeing him like this, but I wasn't, (Elaine had to vacuum the bed yesterday) I was devastated this week when I went down to grandma Elaine's and sat with him in bed, changed his nappy and was shocked to see how much weight he's lost too, his little legs used to be so solid, now all his muscles have gone and he's wearing clothes again that he'd grown out of. Last night I saw his angry head for the first time too, doctors did say that this was a side effect of the drugs, but they are happy with his progress and this coming Thursday he goes back into hospital for a bone marrow scan, It'll be his 28 day test to see how the chemo is working on the leukaemia cells, they are predicting they will be under 4%, which they say anything under 5% is classed as "In remission" so fingers crossed, his appetite is returning and according to Steph he wakes several times in the night demanding food.

Saturday 2 May 2009

What a week, where do I start? Cobie had a port put in his chest to allow for his Bloods, platelets and chemo to be put into his little body, but the surgeon did it wrong and the tube which should have gone down his vein came out the back of it so all the fluids went into his chest around his lungs. Doctors couldn't understand why his blood count hadn't gone up after his transfusion so they sent him for an xray, this came back showing only one lung the other one all blurred, so he went for an MRI scan, this showed the problem, so off he went into surgery again to take it out. While under the anesthetic they put a temporary cannula in his arm in which to insert his bloods and medication, after this op he went into intensive care, he did very well in there and was allowed back onto the ward by lunchtime the next day......... after all this we breathed a sigh of relief........... too soon!!!! his little hand started swelling up ...... so off he went for an ultrasound scan..... only to be told he had some blood clots where this cannula had been put into his arm.... so that had to be taken out too!!! He is now on injections morning and night to try to break up these clots on top of all his other medications. They've allowed him home for the weekend but he has to go to Barnsley hospital every morning and evening for these injections, hopefully after the bank holiday they can arrange for a district nurse to come give them him at home, he gets so stressed at the sight of hospitals.... just been told his arm is bleeding where the cannula was taken out, I'm wondering if his platelets are low again......

Thursday 23 April 2009

Tonight we fetched Cobie out of hospital, he's been given leave for his 3rd birthday on sunday, but then has to go back on monday morning for another round of chemo, dreading it, he's so traumatised in there, terrified of the nurses, all he associates them with is pain, how can you explain to a little one they're trying to make him better?