Thursday 21 May 2009

We got fantastic news today, Cobie went for another bone marrow scan, and they say he's now in remission, we are all over the moon. Next week he'll come off the steroids too and hopefully he'll start to return to the Cobie we knew before, at the moment he's very demanding, wanting food all the time, Steph said she was up 7 times the other night with him. Garry was a bit put out too he could'nt understand why his little man did'nt want anything to do with him, he just kept telling him to "go away granddad" We've been invited to Gill and Allens for a bbq on saturday, so Rob and Steph are taking Cobie & Lillie, then taking Cobie home after about an hour, and we'll bring Lillie home to sleep at ours for the night, give them a bit of a rest, we have thought of asking to have Cobie overnight too, but our worry is if he starts asking for mummy in the night, he'll gets too upset????

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