Tuesday 21 May 2013

A tribute to my dad

On Friday 17th May 2013 my beloved dad lost his fight for life, he was 84, This is a poem he wrote as a young man, he was always saying he might get it published, but never got round to it. I remember sitting at the side of him as he recited it to me over and over again until it was emblazoned into my mind.
As a lasting tribute to him, I played around with it in Serif Craft Artist and it's going to be framed, and a copy given to both of his grandsons, I hope they and their children will look at it often and remember how much he loved them all.
RIP DAD - I love you, and always will.
Reunited again with mum - the love of your life

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  1. Sue big hugs for you and your Family on the loss of your Dad, Sorry to hear the news..... you will have lots of happy memories to treasure and share together.
    Tilly x