Thursday 17 December 2009

Gosh has it really been so long

since I last updated..... Cobie is doing really well at the moment, he's back onto his intensive chemo and doing suprisingly well, he still has regular blood tests and yesterday the hospital called him back in after his test on tuesday they found what they thought was a virus actually in the blood which they said was very rare, today we got the call that it must have been a contaminated sample and everything was ok. We also heard also about his little friend in the hospital Toby Booth from Lincoln who has spent most of his 5 years of life in hospital, he has got sceptacaemia and is in a critical condition in intensive care, we pray for him and his family for his full recovery and hope a cure can be found quickly and he can live a normal life as any little child should be able to.
Forgot to mention he's also got himself a wife..... Sophia Amber Moore..... she's a little older than him (5) and already working, she plays Sarah Sugden in Emmerdale, they are truly in love and she keeps him well supplied in jelly beans - what more could he want lol....

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