Saturday 16 May 2009

The time has come that I was dreading, Cobie's hair has started to fall out!! thought I was prepared for seeing him like this, but I wasn't, (Elaine had to vacuum the bed yesterday) I was devastated this week when I went down to grandma Elaine's and sat with him in bed, changed his nappy and was shocked to see how much weight he's lost too, his little legs used to be so solid, now all his muscles have gone and he's wearing clothes again that he'd grown out of. Last night I saw his angry head for the first time too, doctors did say that this was a side effect of the drugs, but they are happy with his progress and this coming Thursday he goes back into hospital for a bone marrow scan, It'll be his 28 day test to see how the chemo is working on the leukaemia cells, they are predicting they will be under 4%, which they say anything under 5% is classed as "In remission" so fingers crossed, his appetite is returning and according to Steph he wakes several times in the night demanding food.

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